DEKRA accident researcher certified as AIS specialist

Recognized Expertise in Assessing Injury Severity After Road Crashes

Apr 08, 2022

Founded over 40 years ago, DEKRA Accident Research has gained an excellent reputation when it comes to road safety matters. Its expertise, particularly in assessing injury severity following road accidents, has now received further international recognition. The Association for the Advancement of Automotive Medicine (AAAM) has certified DEKRA accident researcher Andreas Schäuble as an AIS coding specialist. There are around 360 of these certified AIS specialists (CAISS) around the world. Of these, only four are based in Europe, two in Germany.

  • Andreas Schäuble is an expert in biomechanics
  • Exam passed: AAAM awards certificates according to strict criteria
  • One of just two such specialists in Germany and four in Europe
“Andreas Schäuble is the biomechanics expert in our team,” says Peter Rücker, head of DEKRA Accident Research. “After passing the exam, the CAISS certification gives him some well-earned acknowledgment. At DEKRA Accident Research, we have benefited from Andreas’ expertise in our day-to-day work for years.”
Andreas Schäuble has been at DEKRA Accident Research since January 2018. He has a master’s degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Manchester and a diploma in biomedical engineering, specializing in biomechanics, from the Technical University in Vienna, Austria. Schäuble, 32, is currently preparing for his PhD at the Charité university hospital in Berlin, Germany.
Founded in 1957, the AAAM aims to increase road safety and support biomechanical research. The Abbreviated Injury Scale, or AIS for short, assesses and classifies the injuries suffered by people in road crashes by dividing them into individual injury subtypes. The injuries are then ranked according to the probability of survival, which makes it possible to compare the different effects of crashes. The AIS has its origins in the 1960s and has undergone constant refinement ever since.