Remarketing pricing analysis

Optimize used vehicle residual values on the BtoB market.

Pricing analysis

Why does Pricing analysis exist ?

Car manufacturers and leasing companies need to optimize their used vehicle residual values in order to support and maintain their market shares in the new vehicles market.

Your benefits?

  • Neutrality: pricing defined by an external and strongly experienced partner,
  • Relevance: all analysis based on a solid database and on an accurate observation of the market,
  • Reliability: use of a proven IT system,
  • Productivity: industrial processes and algorithms dedicated to treat high volumes of pricing in less time. Automatic adjustment of the pricing according to the age of each used vehicle.

Our services cover:

  • Analyze the data (historical and real-time) and the market (internet published sales prices, trends, competitors, …),
  • Recommend a BtoB pricing positioning,
  • Implement the validated pricing data in the IT system in order to automatically price all the used vehicle in available stock.


DEKRA is specialized in consulting services to accompany its customers to define their used vehicles remarketing strategy and has developed an expertise in “pricing analysis” dedicated to the sale of more than 550.000 UV each year in Europe.


Sébastien Garin

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