Plastic Waste Audit

Transforming Plastic Waste Management with DEKRA's Audit Services

In today's world, the challenge of sustainable plastic waste management looms large. DEKRA steps in with our Plastic Waste Audit, offering not just a comprehensive analysis but also a transparent assessment of your company's plastic waste management practices.

Our audit empowers clients to gauge their performance and emphasizes their responsibility in fostering sustainable business practices. With DEKRA, you gain insights to drive continuous improvement and navigate the evolving landscape of environmental stewardship effectively.
At the conclusion of DEKRA's Plastic Waste Audit, companies receive ratings in silver, gold, or platinum categories.
  • Silver Certification: Companies with Silver certification showcase their commitment to environmentally conscious practices. They have implemented measures to address plastic waste sustainably, demonstrating their dedication to responsible waste management.
  • Gold Certification: Gold-certified companies go above and beyond industry standards in managing plastic waste. They have successfully implemented comprehensive strategies to minimize plastic consumption, increase the use of recycled materials, and reduce overall plastic waste generation, giving them a competitive advantage in sustainability.
  • Platinum Certification: Platinum-certified companies are industry leaders in sustainability. They not only meet the highest standards in plastic waste management but also innovate and pioneer new technologies for sustainable plastic use. Their certification symbolizes excellence and sets a benchmark for other organizations to follow.
Upon completion of the audit, companies receive an audit report and certificate confirming their performance score and certification level achieved.
Shape the future of sustainable waste management with DEKRA.
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  • DEKRA offers unparalleled accessibility and global reach, providing expert assistance wherever your business operates.
  • Our seasoned environmental management and sustainability experts bring extensive experience to the table, ensuring top-notch guidance and support.
  • Benefit from our vast global network and deep understanding of international sustainability trends, keeping you ahead in an ever-evolving landscape.
  • We meticulously analyze policies and practices to ensure compliance, continuously improving our Plastic Waste Audit for optimal results.
  • Partner with DEKRA to achieve your sustainability goals and drive profitability for a brighter future.
  • Our track record spans large corporations, small and medium-sized enterprises, and public organizations, showcasing our versatility and expertise