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Power Generation and Distribution


Ensuring long-term commercial success

The operational phase is where you need maximum support with ongoing processes as well as plant and equipment maintenance and safety. In this context, non-destructive testing, inspection services, process safety and HSE issues are among our core competencies. Being familiar with the asset is just as important as having the right capacities to maintain regular inspections and especially shutdowns.


The long-term commercial viability of your power generation, transmission and distribution business requires the establishment and maintenance of robust systems – not just at a technical level but throughout the organization. From process safety and system certification to cyber security and mechanized inspection, we can support you with testing and certification at all operational levels.

DEKRA Services for ...

Supporting you in transitioning to renewable energy sources


As the global power generation industry continues to move away from the use of fossil fuels and in view of the shift of nuclear power generation to non-OECD-countries, our extensive range of services can help you transition to a sustainable long-term business model based on renewable power generation, including adaption of transmission and distribution infrastructure.

Company Representative for Emissions Control Training

A company representative for pollution control not only maintains legal compliance with statutory emissions regulations, but understands the best practices in pollution reduction, health and safety, protecting both the environment and the bottom line of the company. DEKRA provides the training and upskilling needed for company representatives to be effective.

Condition Monitoring of Assets and Equipment (Renewables)

DEKRA offers individual solutions for condition-based monitoring, for example of your machinery, oil and grease gear boxes, industrial lifting equipment, preventing downtime, increasing efficiency and saving costs. To continuously monitor your assets, we also offer remote and online solutions with customer-specific digital solutions. We are also able to support you in assessing the state of an existing renewable energy asset via technical due diligence service, providing you with vital information in the acquisition process of existing assets and/or for assessing the remaining lifetime.

Environmental Advisory and Services

Prioritizing environmental responsibility, our environmental consultants and advisors look not just at compliance, but also at how your company can increase efficiency. If your sector requires environmental appraisals, assessments or permits, our experts are there to help using their extensive experience in providing environmental assessments, due diligence services and on-site advisory services.

Environmental Measurements

DEKRA offers a wide range of services to support you in protecting the environment. Our measurement of e.g. air, soil and water pollution, and levels of noise in the workplace helps our clients manage any risk more efficiently.

Fire Protection Management and Advisory

Our fire protection experts help you understand and address fire risk in your organization. Sharing our expertise in fire protection, we partner with clients to answer questions on fire safety management, provide customized solutions, and offer on-site support through recognized advisors.

Health, Safety and Environmental Management Training and Examination

Participants learn how to set up an energy and environment as well as health and safety management systems. Our accredited personnel certification services span a wide range of requirements generally recognized on the international stage. Training and certification, both accredited and non-accredited, are available for ISO 14001 and ISO 50001 and can be customized for your requirements.

Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) Management System Certification

We help ensure your ability to protect the health and safety of your employees as well as protect the environment. ISO 50001 improves energy efficiency with an energy management system, while ISO 14001 certifies your environmental management system to demonstrate your sustainable operation. We can also provide you with International Sustainability and Carbon Certification (ISCC) applicable to the production of biofuels and bioenergy at every level of the supply chain.

Power and Efficiency Measurements (Renewables)

During operation, you need to confirm and monitor that your site is constantly delivering the expected amount of energy, taking the environmental conditions into account. DEKRA supports you with power measurements of renewable energy power plants (solar and wind) to confirm the efficiency of your project.

Safety Advisory, Services and Coordination

Protect your employees from accidents and other hazards in the workplace and minimize the overall effort for your occupational safety measures through expert advice, risk assessments, training, on-site support or project safety coordination by recognized advisors.

Supply Chain and Second-Party Audits for Health, Safety and Environment (HSE)

Our comprehensive audits let you evaluate and ensure environmental as well as process integrity and security throughout the entire supply chain. Our services include initial supplier audits and continuous monitoring, as well as helping you understand the complex international, national and local regulatory requirements. We provide recognized services to help you identify reliable sources when developing new products or finding alternative suppliers for parts currently in use. We assist you in reducing costs, investigating quality issues, controlling corrective actions and performing supplier audits.

Sustainability Advisory and Services

Our experts show you how to maximize sustainability with solutions that answer to your company’s needs. We specialize in green building and construction, providing assessments of existing structures and plans to maintain or implement sustainability criteria for organizations in this sector.

Working with you to minimize downtime and maximize productivity

Benefit from our experience in process optimization to achieve leaner, more productive operations. By developing strategies to minimize downtime, we can help give your business the agility and robustness needed to ensure lasting success.

Condition Monitoring of Assets and Equipment (Renewables)

DEKRA offers individual solutions for condition-based monitoring, for example of your machinery, oil and grease levels in gear boxes, industrial lifting equipment, preventing downtime, increasing efficiency and saving costs. To continuously monitor your assets, we also offer remote and online solutions with customer-specific digital solutions.

Cyber Security and Data Protection

From network security to penetration testing and risk assessment, our 360° services are based on a comprehensive analysis of your IT processes. Working from that basis, we can help design and implement security systems, provide an information security officer, or use behavioral technology to optimize your organization’s cyber security.

Fire Safety Officer Training

If fires result in the loss of production and delivery capacity, companies can lose customers and employees can lose their jobs. We support you in ensuring compliance with all legal regulations and recommend appropriate training to achieve effective risk prevention.

Health, Safety, Environmental (HSE) Advisory, Coordination and Services

Our services aim to help organizations optimize workplace health, protect the environment and foster a culture of safety and care. With assessments, workshops and consulting services we change the behaviors and decision-making processes that have the biggest impact on major accident prevention. We share tools and strategies for maintaining the optimal physical and mental health of your team, protecting the environment, managing data and preventing fire and explosions.

Lean Management Training

Through interactive presentations, practical exercises, group activities, simulations and concrete examples, this course provides a deep understanding of the fundamental elements and principles of the Lean Six Sigma methodology.

Non-Destructive Testing (NDT/aNDT/Mechanized Inspection)

DEKRA is a leading global provider of non-destructive and destructive testing (NDT/DT) across many industries. NDT is a descriptive term used for the examination of materials and components in such a way that allows materials to be examined without changing or destroying them. Standard and advanced NDT as well as mechanized inspection solutions are used to locate surface and subsurface flaws and defects and determine their size. During the operation phase, this technique allows inspection during production, as well as shutdown support. In case of confined space or contaminated environment, we can also support you with specific mechanized inspection solutions in order to ensure that humans do not need to be sent into such environments, as well as save time and costs.

Non-Periodical and Periodical Voluntary Inspections

DEKRA’s accredited specialists have the expertise to carry out ongoing or recurrent inspections and tests according to your own standards. We can work with you to ensure that your project meets all legal safety requirements.

Occupational Health and Safety Training

Wherever they work, employees should be able to perform their duties safely. Occupational health and safety training ensures safety on the job and supports legal compliance by addressing specific hazards at the respective workplace.

Organizational Safety and Reliability

Using trusted metrics to assess an organization’s safety culture and uncover hidden risks, we strive to transform workplace culture, ensuring reliability and strengthening performance. Our diagnostic, coaching and training approach is designed to create a culture of care at every level of your organization.

Process Safety Solutions

Mitigating or eliminating hazards and potential damages arising from industrial processes is our goal. Clients rely on us to prevent fire, explosion and loss of containment events. We help our clients to understand the risks existing in their business operations through laboratory testing and analysis, and develop pragmatic solutions and recommendations for risk reduction.

From testing to cyber security, DEKRA is at your side in developing robust Industry 4.0 operations


The only way to effectively meet the challenges of digitalization is to stay ahead of them. DEKRA enables you to implement digital solutions into your processes in order to work more efficiently, with a higher profitability and more safety and security. From IT consulting and data protection to cyber security and innovative digitized solutions for operational processes, DEKRA can support you in becoming fit for the future.

Cyber Security Phishing Campaign

Over 90% of cyber attacks begin with a malicious email. DEKRA’s phishing and awareness platform is designed to train your employees effectively, playfully and sustainably on all IT security topics while avoiding any fear-mongering.

Data Protection Consulting

DEKRA experts keep you informed and help you stay legally compliant and up-to-date when it comes to handling data. If you prefer more targeted expertise, we can provide the individualized support of a data protection officer to carry out services on-site and in close cooperation with your team.

Digital Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) Solutions

How we seek and use information about safety is critical to our ability to achieve results in safety. DEKRA delivers innovative IT-solutions and platforms which enable organizations to manage, control and understand their data and uncover relevant trends and gain insights in order to identify areas of improvement and risk minimization. Our data collection and analytics solutions pair the experience and knowledge of our research professionals with proven tools and methodologies.

Functional Safety Consulting

Most industrial processes today rely on a framework of Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS) to prevent hazardous scenarios for people, the environment and facilities. With our functional safety consulting services, we carry out Functional Safety Assessments (FSA) to ensure that your SIS includes the required Safety Instrumented Functions (SIFs) and that these are effective and reliable and maintain the required Safety Integrity Levels (SILs) through the entire the Safety Lifecycle.

Information Security Management System (ISMS)

Helping you protect sensitive data and secure your IT systems, components and processes in order to meet today’s cyber security challenges.

Information Security Risk Assess

No company today is immune to cyber security risks and potential attacks. Our consultants carry out systematic network security analyses, determine the existing level of cyber security and develop a plan to improve it.

Information Security Training and Examination

To inspire trust in existing customers and attract new potential customers ensuring information security – including the IT systems, components and processes involved – is essential. Information security auditor training courses equip you with the knowledge and skills to assess your organization’s information security management systems in accordance with ISO 27001. DEKRA offers its expertise as an objective and independent certification body for a wide range of personnel certification programs customized to the client's needs.

Remote and/or Online Monitoring Digital Optimization Service

We offer services for remote and online monitoring to complement inspection services. Your main advantage will be the ability to get information about trends and foresee the potential issues, helping you prevent downtimes, increase efficiency and save costs. In addition, DEKRA uses state-of-the-art data management and analysis solutions to optimize workflows and processes.

Second-Party Audits for IT and Cyber Security

Our comprehensive audits allow you the opportunity to evaluate and verify your IT and cybersecurity processes. Our services include initial audits and continuous monitoring, as well as helping you understand the complex international, national and local regulatory requirements.

Innovative services to enhance operational performance

With our business continuity, business resilience and safety management services, we bring added value to your operational business to increase the long-term development opportunities of your business.

Business Continuity Management System

Business Continuity Management (BCM) according to ISO 22301 enables you to quickly resume your business activities after critical events. The international standard provides the appropriate framework and bundles the requirements for robust, effective business continuity management.

Business Resilience Impact Assessment (BRIA)

We provide a multilevel impact assessment to evaluate and strengthen business resilience. Effective business resilience requires on a strong corporate "immune system" capable of withstanding disruptive global events such as economic fluctuations, political unrest, natural disasters or infectious diseases. Our experts help you implement and maintain reliable strategies to overcome any challenge.

Occupational Health and Safety Management

To minimize operational risks for employees, ISO 45001 stipulates a number of requirements for comprehensive, modern occupational health and safety. Our experts certify your occupational health and safety management system according to ISO 45001 and consider all aspects of occupational safety.

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