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Finance and Insurance


Ensuring sustainability standards in the financial sector

Financial partners and insurance providers underwriting investment in today’s green economy are subject to EU Taxonomy regulations to ensure environmentally sustainable funding. We provide comprehensive services to help diverse lenders and guarantors measure and evaluate the sector- and market-specific sustainability of their financial projects.


Sustainable investment

The EU Taxonomy helps companies, investors and financial institutions measure the environmental performance of economic activities over a wide range of industries so they can meet established sustainability requirements. Lenders and insurance providers offering financial products to the European market as well as those operating under the non-financial reporting disclosure (NFRD) regulation are subject to mandatory compliance with EU Taxonomy guidelines.

Facing the climate challenge

Any business responsibly operating according to relevant environmental and climate standards and statutes must develop a robust and resilient business strategy and install effective governance structures as well as related management systems. Further, it has to implement efficient processes for identifying, assessing and responding to risks and opportunities and establish emission targets supporting outstanding performance and company initiatives. Aiming to redirect finance and insurance sector investment to companies engaged in sustainable activities, EU Taxonomy provides standardized definitions of green business practices at the center of the EU Sustainable Finance and Insurance Agenda and contributes to achieving the goals of the EU Green Deal.

Financials and the real economy

Providing standardized definitions of green business activities, the EU Taxonomy is the critical centerpiece shaping emerging regulation affecting sustainable corporate climate strategies. Business executives and their responsible counterparts submit documented reporting to secure the investment, funding and insurance needed to operate and succeed in demanding global markets.

Green services for a sustainable future

With expert intermediary functions and risk management, the finance and insurance sector plays a key role in promoting sustainable business models, policies and projects while directing investment to the real economy.


In accordance with EU Taxonomy regulation for the finance and insurance sector, we provide comprehensive services designed to help diverse lenders and guarantors make sure funding is granted to organizations promoting sustainable business. Our wide-ranging and objective assessments can be used to reliably evaluate clients across a spectrum of industries.

Sustainability audits assess a company’s ability to implement effective customer-specific CSR standards. We provide verification and advisory services to evaluate corporate sustainability management strategies. Life cycle assessment and critical reviews document the carbon footprint and sustainability of supply chains, products, green buildings and mobility fleets. You can rely on our KPI expertise to help you establish and maintain effective, efficient and compliant solutions to ensure the appropriate environmental, social and economic sustainability standards in every project.

The future of the finance and insurance sector, green finance provides innovative tools and mechanisms to generate and support environmentally responsible manufacturing and business. Update your lending and underwriting practices in compliance with all statutes and standards regulating green finance for businesses with solid sustainability strategies for secure investments and higher returns.

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