Expert Migration: Information Security

Our approach to the lack of IT specialists

You have recognized the difficulties a long time ago: Attractive jobs are not the problem. There is a shortage of qualified IT specialists.


The conversion of production processes to Industry 4.0 alone creates a huge demand for IT specialists, additionally reinforced by the megatrends of big data, cloud computing and cyber security.

Despite all the efforts of your HR department, there is a lack of clever minds. Even if your economic perspective is positive for the future, the structural shortage of IT professionals is an elementary obstacle.

DEKRA Qualification: We offer you an alternative solution that has proven itself.

What we do: Education and more

Education is our core business. We have local presence with our own schools, companies and a stable international network. We are known. We are trusted.

Correspondingly, we are now pursuing a qualification approach that goes far beyond mere personnel recruitment. You will gain access to a large pool of IT specialists, whom we will prepare for the German job market both linguistically and professionally - professional recognition, residence and work permits included. Thanks to our many years of tried and tested process management, we always pursue a path that is as flexible as it is safe for everyone involved.

We are setting new standards and bring you in terms of workforce planning and recruitment on a new course for the securing of IT skilled employees And that sustainable. DERKA Expert Migration IT - get to know us!

Vocational training in the digital age

We are working intensively on the disruptive change. Generation Z and the Digital Natives learn differently. Modern web-based and collaborative forms of learning are in demand. With our methodical-didactic approaches, we have arrived in the digital age and create new learning worlds.

After undergoing a needs-based assessment, the participants will be qualified in their specific job descriptions over a period of 12-18 months, both linguistically (level B2) and professionally, and will receive a DEKRA certificate attesting the predefined qualifications:

  • System Administrator (SAP, Cisco, Microsoft, Oracle)
  • Software Developer (Apps, Web, Databases, E-Commerce)
  • Cyber Security Officer

Oriented to the needs of your future employers, the participants focus on different, individual qualification paths for cyber security.

  • Software Developer
  • Forensic Scientists
  • IT Security Manager
  • System and Network Security Specialists

With a high level of motivation, savvy and analytical thinking, and problem-solving skills, your future IT security experts will close all the digital doors in your organization, helping to boost your digital immune system.


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