DEKRA presents Dynamic Risk Register for process industries

Enhance plant safety with advanced methods

Sep 27, 2023 Industrial / Industrial Inspection / Process Safety / Advisory Services

DEKRA offers plant operators in process industries a digital solution that enables them to monitor plant safety more effectively. Using the Dynamic Risk Register, operators can update the results of their hazard analyses, creating transparency and in turn enhancing the safety of the entire system.

The process hazard analysis (PHA) methods used in process manufacturing, such as HAZOP and LOPA, have one disadvantage. They generate large volumes of static data that are not very well-structured, which makes processing and updating them difficult and time-consuming. Many process industry accidents are attributable to day-to-day operational events in the plant that deviate from the original hazard analyses, either as the result of modifications to equipment or the temporary deactivation of safety systems.
DEKRA’s new Dynamic Risk Register tool is integrated into the tried-and-tested DEKRA Safety Platform with an interface that enables users to view and process PHA data. It produces statistical calculations and benchmarks, provides information about a system’s current safety level, and displays the results in easy-to-understand charts and graphics.
Based on Digital Process Hazard Analysis
The Dynamic Risk Register can also interface with DEKRA’s Digital Process Hazard Analysis (DPHA), which combines the DEKRA experts’ specialist knowledge of process and plant safety with the advantages of computer technology and artificial intelligence. The system, which is also integrated into the DEKRA Safety Platform, optimizes resources dedicated to PHAs, while delivering more consistent and accurate results.