Electric Powertrain Testing

Electric vehicle motor and axle testing for development support, homologation and quality assurance

As the importance of e-mobility grows, with a large number of new electric vehicles being introduced to the market, maintaining quality and performance is essential. Our specialized testbench allows us to support our clients during the development phase and to provide essential testing services as a neutral partner.

We carry out tests according to the European homologation standard ECE R 85 as well as to international standards such as GB standards, which are relevant to the Chinese market. Our test labs in Klettwitz, Germany, and Shanghai, Mainland China, work closely together and deliver comprehensive services for customers selling their products in international markets.

About Electric Powertrain Testing

With our specialized testing facility at the DEKRA Technology Center in Klettwitz, Germany, we have not only expanded our testing capacity for electric motors and axles, but also introduced energy recuperation for more sustainable operations . The state of the art testbench allows us to test the steady state and maximum capacity performance of electric motor and axles up to 399 kilowatts, with 20,000 revolutions per minute and an overload of 25%. Two 290 kilowatt brakes can recuperate most of the energy used, which is an important factor to contribute to sustainability.
Our experts offer development support, homologation and quality assurance based on the needs or specifications of our clients, including OEMs, suppliers, engineering service providers and authorities.
Services for electric powertrains include:
  • Manufacturer’s specification testing
  • Durability testing
  • Functional testing
  • Performance testing
  • Homologation
  • Conformity of Production (CoP) verification
  • Market surveillance