Distributed Open Marketplace for Europe Cloud and Edge Services.
Period:2023– 2025
Objectives:The main objectives are:
1. Deploy the technical infrastructure of the marketplace platform, with strong customer focus, user-friendliness, and inclusion and equality principles.
2. Operate the platform according to security, energy and resource efficiency, data protection, ethical standards and portability requirements.
3. Ensure the integration of state-of-the-art identity and access management services on the marketplace platform to support its operation.
4. Design a curation/vetting process for services offered on the marketplace, notably for sector-specific services in regulated sectors (e.g. health, energy, finance…).
5. Implement interconnections with similar marketplaces and service catalogues that already exist in some Member States.
6. Enable access, through a single EU portal, to an online catalogue of existing cloud-to-edge based service offerings that are compliant with a predefined set of EU rules and requirements available in the forthcoming EU Cloud Rulebook.
7. Implement a service brokerage functionality to enable transactions between providers and users to take place on the Marketplace.
8. Ensure a vendor-neutral technical architecture and reference framework.
Partners:Engineering Ingegneria Informatica Spa (coordinator) and FIWARE (coordinator), Active Ageing Association; Akademia Gorniczo-Hutnicza; Beia ConsultInternational; Cloudferro; Consortia Red Alastria; Consorzio Sistema Informativo; Dawex; DEKRA Testing And Certification; Demetrix; Digitanimal; E-Group Ict Software; Elliot Cloud; Etna Hitech; Eurocrime; European Dynamics; Expert.Ai S.P.A.; Fundingbox Research; Future Internet Consulting; Golem; Hashnet; Idom Consulting; In 2 Ingenieria De La Información; Inno-Focus; Ionos; Libelium Comunicaciones; Nicos Aktiengesellschaft; Orange; Outscale; Pons Ip Sa; Portel Logistic; Stichting Ishare Foundation; Teamdev; Tecnalia Fundacion Research & Innovation; Time.Lex; Torino E Piemonte Exchange; Ubiwhere
More information:Co-Funded by: Horizon 2020

Call: H2020-ICT-2020-1
Activity: ICT-42-2020-IA
Nº: 953163

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