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Power Generation and Distribution


Safety at end-of-life

Although by definition this area is always the last item on everyone’s “to-do list”, dismantling is a key area of safety and risk management and needs to be given due consideration. Particularly in sectors where there is a high potential for environmental damage or risk of injury, it is essential to handle dismantling with as much care as you would apply to planning or construction.


When a power plant has reached the end of its viable working life, careful dismantling, disposal and recycling or reuse represent key areas of safety and risk management. Particularly where there is a high potential for environmental damage or risk of injury, it is essential to handle dismantling with maximum consideration and care. Key issues here will be environmental inspections and mitigating associated risks, as well as plant safety inspections both before and during dismantling. Our decades of experience in planning, construction and commissioning power plants gives us unique insights into how to manage the complex process of dismantling these facilities safely and with minimal environmental impact. Whatever the nature of your dismantling project is, we will be pleased to work with you to devise a safe and effective strategy for its successful realization.

DEKRA Services for ...

Supporting you in transitioning to renewable energy sources


As the global power generation industry continues to move away from the use of fossil fuels and in view of the shift of nuclear power generation to non-OECD-countries, our extensive range of services can help you transition to a sustainable long-term business model based on renewable power generation, including adaption of transmission and distribution infrastructure.

Environmental Measurements before Dismantling

DEKRA offers a wide range of services for ensuring the protection of the environment. Our measurements aim to assess the pollution level and hazardous substances in order to return the site to a state cleaned from all pollution and guarantee the safety of workers dismantling the facilities.

Health and Safety Measurements before and during Dismantling

DEKRA offers a wide range of services to ensure a safe dismantling process of your facilities. Our measurement of air pollution, chemical exposure, temperature, lighting, radiation, noise and vibration at the dismantling site helps you to efficiently manage any risks for workers and those related to the environment. We support you in mitigating occupational health and safety (OHS) issues, potential impacts on your brand and ensuring workers' safety.

Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) Strategy and Management

Our HSE strategy and management services help you design a system, select appropriate strategies and implement policies and procedures that keep your workforce healthy. Our experts bring a wealth of experience, innovative tools and a passion for HSE to every project.

Waste Management Training

DEKRA offers certified training courses for waste management officers as well as training for the qualification of management personnel of specialist waste disposal companies and more.

Working with you to minimize downtime and maximize productivity

Benefit from our experience in process optimization to achieve leaner, more productive operations. By developing strategies to minimize downtime, we can help give your business the agility and robustness needed to ensure lasting success.

Construction Site Coordinator Training

An adequate level of construction safety reduces the risk of accidents and ensures that construction work runs smoothly - so that construction projects can be completed in high quality and on time. From construction work to road and major building sites, the DEKRA Academy offers an extensive training and further qualification program aimed at increasing safety on construction sites.

Health and Safety Measurements before and during Dismantling

DEKRA offers monitoring solutions (also possible online) that allow assessing the risks to the environment and people working at the dismantling site from hazardous substances. In case of confined and/or polluted areas, it is also possible to support you with our mechanized inspection solutions in order to ensure that people are not sent to such dangerous areas.

Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) and Sustainability Advisory, Coordination and Services

Our services aim to help organizations optimize workplace health, protect the environment and foster a culture of safety and care. With assessments, workshops and consulting services we change the behaviors and decision-making processes that have the biggest impact on major accident prevention, as well as evaluate the company's various policies and processes focusing on sustainable practices. Whether compliance, education or corporate sustainability management, we are equipped to provide innovative, tailored solutions that help you reach your sustainability goals.

Process Safety Solutions

Mitigating or eliminating hazards and potential damages arising from industrial processes is our goal. Clients rely on us to prevent fire, explosion and loss of containment events. We help our clients understand the risks existing in their business operations through laboratory testing and analysis, and develop pragmatic solutions and recommendations for risk reduction.

From testing to cyber security, DEKRA is at your side in developing robust Industry 4.0 operations


The only way to effectively meet the challenges of digitalization is to stay ahead of them. DEKRA enables you to implement digital solutions into your processes in order to work more efficiently, with a higher profitability and more safety and security. From IT consulting and data protection to cyber security and innovative digitized solutions for operational processes, DEKRA can support you in becoming fit for the future.

Remote and/or Online Monitoring and Digital Optimization Service

We offer services for remote and online monitoring to complement inspection services. Your main advantage will be the ability to get information about trends and foresee the potential issues, helping you prevent downtimes, increase efficiency and save costs. In addition, DEKRA uses state-of-the-art data management and analysis solutions to optimize workflows and processes.

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