DEKRA recognized as the first Authorized Test Laboratory for the MulteFire 1.0 Certification Program

Nov 19, 2020

With this recognition, DEKRA owns two laboratories accredited by the MulteFire Alliance (MFA): one located at its facilities in Málaga (Spain) for the MulteFire 1.0 Certification Program, and another in Yokohama (Japan) for the MulteFire 1.9 GHz sXGP Certification Program.

DEKRA has been recognized by the MulteFire Alliance (MFA) as an Authorized Test Laboratory (ATL) for the MulteFire 1.0 Certification Program. With this accreditation, DEKRA becomes the first authorized laboratory in the world to certify radio access network and terminal devices with the MulteFire 1.0 specifications. This new certification program aims to ensure an interoperable ecosystem of devices for use in unlicensed or shared radio spectrum. DEKRA's new services for this certification program will be provided from its facilities located in Málaga (Spain).
MulteFire technology enables new wireless networks by operating cellular-based technology in unlicensed or shared spectrum, combining the performance benefits of LTE — a standard for wireless broadband communication for mobile devices and data terminals — with the simplicity of Wi-Fi like deployments. It was designed by the MFA, an international consortium that supports the common interests of members, developers and users in the application of LTE and 5G in unlicensed spectrum. Targeted at Industrial Internet-of-Things (IoT) and enterprise applications, MulteFire technology enables industry markets to deploy their own private LTE network and achieve the benefits of better capacity, coverage, mobility, and built-in security.
The MulteFire 1.0 specification defines the operation of LTE in unlicensed and shared spectrum bands, including the global 5 GHz band. The MulteFire 1.0 certification program certifies both eNodeB devices and UEs, which is the hardware that is connected to the mobile phone network (eNodeB) that communicates directly wirelessly with mobile handsets (UEs), for conformance with this specification.
“DEKRA has been an active member of the MFA since our early days and has contributed its expertise in certification to our working groups,” said Mazen Chmaytelli, president, MFA. “We are pleased to have DEKRA as an Authorized Test Lab for this new certification program, and it has already tested and certified the first MulteFire 1.0 devices."
In addition, DEKRA is also an Authorized Test Laboratory in Japan for the MulteFire 1.9 GHz sXGP Certification Program, being the first laboratory that obtained this recognition when that certification program was launched in 2019.
“DEKRA is very pleased to continue its partnership with the MulteFire Alliance with the addition of MulteFire 1.0 testing to our services offering. We are glad to contribute to the success of the MulteFire ecosystem and support MulteFire members with our certification services,” said Andrés Moreno, Managing Director at DEKRA Testing and Certification in Spain.
Besides the services for MulteFire certification programs, DEKRA offers regulatory, conformance, interoperability, performance, usability, field, and other testing and certification services for all the key wireless technologies, as well as possess a large network of testing and certification laboratories around the world.