DEKRA recognized as a Certification Body to provide certification services in Saudi Arabia

Sep 24, 2020 Digital & Product Solutions

SASO, the Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality Organization, has approved DEKRA as one of the Certification Bodies that importers accessing the Saudi Arabian market can choose when requesting certification of their products through SABER e-platform.

DEKRA was recognized as a Conformity Assessment Body (P-CB 0391) by the Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality Organization (SASO) to provide certification services for products accessing the Saudi Arabian market. From now on, customers can count on DEKRA to certify that their products comply with the Saudi Arabian safety requirements for imported products.
"SASO accreditation is a significant achievement since we continue expanding our global market access network and providing comprehensive services to our customers. It is, as well, an opportunity to strengthen our presence in Saudi Arabia, which has a relevant impact on the rest of the markets in the region", says César Valencia, Business Line Product Certification Director at DEKRA.
To ensure the product’s quality and safety in Saudi Arabia, SASO designed the Saudi Product Safety Program (SALEEM), where different technical regulations are considered depending on each type of product. As part of this program, SASO also developed the e-platform certification system, SABER, to apply and process products conformity certificates electronically.
Importers interested in selling in the Saudi Arabian market must use SABER to initiate the certification request and register their products, as well as to choose an authorised body to process their request. DEKRA is now a SASO approved Certification Body. Therefore, manufacturers can select DEKRA to certify their products through the SABER platform in order to conform to standards and specifications before entering the Saudi Arabian market.
DEKRA’s initial scope as a Certification Body for Saudi Arabia includes electrical batteries and low voltage electrical devices and equipment, such as cooling appliances -like freezers and refrigerators-, kitchen appliances, electrical components, luminaries and lithium batteries.
In addition to these services, DEKRA also provides Energy Efficiency Registration (EER), Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) and IECEE schemes services in Saudi Arabia, among others. Furthermore, DEKRA operates in other Middle East countries such as UAE, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain and Oman, offering testing and certification services as well.
With deep technical knowledge, a broad service portfolio and worldwide testing facilities, DEKRA’s global market access services ensure that all the relevant standards and regulations are considered, so products can be exported and marketed around the globe.