DEKRA recognized as a Certification Body to certify telecommunications products in Brazil

Oct 28, 2020

ANATEL, the Brazilian National Telecommunications Agency, has designated DEKRA as one of the Certification Bodies accredited to certify imported and local telecommunication products.

DEKRA has been recognized as a Designated Certification Body or OCD (Organismo de Certificação Designado) by ANATEL, the Brazilian National Telecommunications Agency, to certify local and imported telecommunications products that require homologation to be commercialized in the country. Manufacturers interested in selling their products in Brazil, can now count on DEKRA to obtain the certification that proves their products comply with ANATEL regulatory requirements.
During the certification process, DEKRA will determine the applicable ANATEL regulation for each product, examining its technical characteristics and, if needed, perform laboratory tests. If the product complies with the Brazilian telecommunication requirements, it is approved by ANATEL and should wear a certification label with the approval number. With this stamp, users can identify if the product is homologated to be used in the Brazilian market.
DEKRA’s scope as a Designated Certification Body includes telecommunications products like cell phones, chargers for mobile phones, lithium batteries, landlines, cable TV modems, as well as antennas, digital television transmitters, radars, terminal blocks, energy accumulators, optical terminal boxes and multiservice platforms, among others.
In addition to these services, DEKRA is accredited by INMETRO, the Brazilian accreditation body, to certify electrical devices according to the applicable electrical safety regulations. The scope of this accreditation covers, among others, active medical devices, consumer appliances, automotive components, LED lamps and public luminaires, explosive atmosphere equipment, plugs and circuit breakers. Also, DEKRA is accredited by INMETRO to perform Energy Efficiency certification for refrigerators, air conditioners, LED lamps and other products, for six countries in Latin America: Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Panama, Peru.
Many standards and regulations must be considered and complied with when exporting a product to one or several countries around the world. DEKRA possesses a broad portfolio of global market access services, led by experienced specialists in regulations from all over the globe to guide customers to market their products.