Expert organization adapts regional organizational structure in Europe

DEKRA: New region combines Germany, Austria, and Switzerland

Apr 03, 2023 Corporate

The international expert organization DEKRA is adjusting its regional organizational structure in Europe: As of April 2023, the new GSA (Germany / Switzerland / Austria) region will be created within the Group. For this purpose, the activities in Austria and Switzerland will be separated from their previous assignment to the DEKRA Regions of Central Eastern Europe and South West Europe, respectively. Responsibility for both countries will additionally be assumed by Germany head Guido Kutschera.

  • Reorganization takes account of close links between countries
  • Demand for cross-border services
  • Germany head Guido Kutschera at the helm of the new unit
“With the new organizational structure, we are taking into account the fact that there are some very close links between Germany, Austria, and Switzerland,” explains DEKRA CEO Stan Zurkiewicz. “We are convinced that it is the right step to merge both countries with the current DEKRA Region Germany into one organizational unit. Among other things, this will create the conditions to further develop our activities in Austria and Switzerland.”
Guido Kutschera has been the Executive Vice President of the DEKRA Group responsible for the Germany Region since the beginning of 2021. The business here comprises a total of 13 DEKRA companies with services relating to inspection, testing, certification, auditing, and qualification. Responsibility for activities in Austria and Switzerland is now being added to his portfolio.
“Many of our German customers, especially in areas close to the borders, are very interested in us offering some of our services across borders,” says Guido Kutschera. “With the new organization, we will be able to provide these customers with an even better service offering. At the same time, we also see a lot of potential to strengthen and expand DEKRA's position in Austria and Switzerland. I am very much looking forward to this process together with my colleagues.”