DEKRA as partner of the BioBienenApfel project in Germany

DEKRA Lausitzring: Supposedly marginal areas provide habitat for bees

Jul 18, 2023 Corporate / Sustainability

For just over a year DEKRA in Germany has been a partner in the newly launched BioBienenApfel society project, which is committed to protecting nature and biodiversity. At the DEKRA Lausitzring in Brandenburg, Germany, four acres (16,500 square meters) of bee meadow were in full bloom for the first time this spring and summer – they had been sown last fall and winter as a habitat for wild and honeybees.

  • Four acres of bee meadow at the site in full bloom for the first time
  • Plant species specifically selected for wild bees and own bee colonies
  • Kutschera: “The sum of many small steps makes the difference”
“I'm thrilled to see how life pulsates here on supposedly marginal land: You experience first-hand what the term habitat means and what a difference it makes to specifically design such areas as bee meadows”, said Guido Kutschera, Chairman of the Management Board of DEKRA Automobil GmbH and responsible for the Germany-Austria-Switzerland region within the Group, during his recent visit to the site.
Many wild bee species find specifically selected flowering plants as a food source in the areas. In addition, several honeybee colonies have been established in partnership with a local organic beekeeper. “The first batch of honey has already been harvested and was given away to guests and staff at the opening of our new city courses at the DEKRA Lausitzring – with an extremely positive response”, says site manager Erik Pellmann.
The two large areas at the DEKRA Lausitzring are only part of DEKRA's commitment. Smaller areas have also become bee meadows at many other DEKRA sites in Germany. The company also uses seeds as a promotional gift to draw the attention of customers and partners to the BioBienenApfel project and to motivate them to join in.
“Sometimes it's not the huge milestones that make the difference when it comes to sustainability, but the sum of many small steps across society”, says Guido Kutschera. “Everyone can contribute something to the future of our bees, even with a single flower box on the balcony – if the bees find the right flowers there.”
The BioBienenApfel project
DEKRA has been a partner of BioBienenApfel in Germany since the project was launched in April 2022. The initiative, which originates from the Austrian fruit and vegetable producer Frutura, aims to make people aware of the importance of biodiversity for the future of our planet, to strengthen regional producers for an agriculture 2.0 and thus to increase sustainable self-sufficiency with fruits and vegetables. Everyone can participate – whether private individuals, cities and communities, public institutions or companies.