DEKRA launches the first Cybersecurity Certification Program for drones

Dec 07, 2023 Digital & Product Solutions

Telecom Technology Center (TTC) becomes the first DEKRA’s Authorized Testing Laboratory and will support customers with this certification

DEKRA introduces the first Cybersecurity Certification Program specially designed for drones. With their widespread popularity and applications spanning from recreational hobby aircraft to sophisticated military appliances, it is critical to ensure that drones are prepared to face cybersecurity threats and can guarantee security. In this context, DEKRA has created a Cybersecurity Certification Program expressly developed to determine if drones, and all types of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), meet the baseline security requirements to operate.

For this certification, DEKRA is collaborating with the Telecom Technology Center (TTC) and establishing itself as a pioneer in providing the first certification program for drone cybersecurity. Consequently, DEKRA has designated TTC as the first DEKRA Authorized Testing Laboratory (ATL). TTC will conduct cybersecurity evaluations on drones according to DEKRA’s Cybersecurity Standard, utilizing their advanced laboratories in Taiwan.
“The increasing use of drones across such diverse applications present security vulnerabilities that can potentially compromise sensitive data, disrupt operations, and even pose threats to public safety. DEKRA's Cybersecurity Certification program will bring the drone ecosystem the base level of security needed to increase confidence among users. Besides, considering the large number of drones operating nowadays and how quickly its use cases are growing worldwide, working with TTC and combining our knowledge will be essential to making it happen," stated Fernando E. Hardasmal, Executive Vice President and Head of Digital & Product Solutions at DEKRA.
DEKRA’s Cybersecurity Certification for drones establishes the baseline cybersecurity requirements for this type of device. The certification covers the evaluation of different areas and functionalities to assess if the drone securely stores sensitive data, if it establishes secure authentication to prevent unauthorized access and control, if it counts with countermeasures to avoid GPS spoofing attacks, and if it's able to guarantee secure software updates or minimize exposed attack surfaces, among others.
"Ensuring the security of drone systems requires a multifaceted testing and certification strategy, given the involvement of multiple elements, such as the drone, ground control station, or apps, each with diverse functionalities. Moreover, as these devices are wireless and networked, the potential vulnerabilities are both extensive and varied. DEKRA's Cybersecurity Certification program comprehensively considers all these elements, making it the ideal solution to validate and demonstrate a drone's readiness for secure operation in global markets”, highlighted Rubén Lirio, Global Director of Cybersecurity Services at DEKRA.
This new cybersecurity certification seamlessly integrates with DEKRA's continuous efforts to expand services within the growing cybersecurity sector, now reaching into new industries. As technological landscapes evolve, DEKRA remains committed to staying at the forefront of supporting customers with security solutions.
For more information about DEKRA’s cybersecurity services, visit our website: https://www​.dekra​.com/en/cyber-security-b2b/