Cyber SafeAlert

IT security monitoring for medium-sized businesses

IT monitoring is not witchcraft - we make network monitoring simple and clear. We offer small and medium-sized companies Cyber SafeAlert, a technical IT monitoring system developed by the experts in Europe's largest competence center for IT security.

DEKRA Cyber SafeAlert is the hardware and cloud-based 360° vision watchtower for companies with up to 500 employees. Using modules that identify possible weak points and gaps, your security risk is analyzed and presented to you in a clear interface - prioritized according to the need for action.
The DEKRA Cyber SafeAlert system is based on two components - the hardware sensor and the secure cloud. The hardware sensor is easily installed on site in your network. There it scans the network traffic around the clock, detects anomalies and searches for weak points in your IT system. The collected data is sent to a secure cloud where it is analyzed and processed. In the user interface, the cockpit, you can find your risk profile centrally and easily in understandable terms at the touch of a button.

Your Benefits

  • Continuous, centrally controlled, fully automated IT security monitoring
  • Cockpit with instructions for solving security problems in your local language
  • Various service packages for individual budget requirements
Network flow analysis
Signature and behavior-based analysis of dangerous malware and other risks in network traffic.
Data is constantly being received from and sent to the internet, both actively and passively, by legitimate users as well as attackers who take advantage of this exchange. The Cyber SafeAlert Solution detects suspicious patterns and anomalies such as malware, command and control servers, bots, spyware, drive-by sources, DDoS targets and sources.
Signature-based recognition works by discerning predefined patterns. However, attackers are increasingly finding novel methods of infiltrating networks that defy easy identification. Behavior-based detection specializes in exactly this area.
Choose from the various package sizes, depending on the amount of data to be analyzed.
External and internal vulnerability analysis
Self-assessment by questionnaire
Log data analysis
Optional: Advanced threat detection (Email / Web)
Data correlation
Threat intelligence
Cyber SafeAlert Cockpit


  • We are your competent partner in the field of IT monitoring with many years of experience.
  • We enable you to monitor your IT system around the clock.
  • We offer you the possibility to involve one of our experts in the monitoring processes as required.