DEKRA safety caps: If you want to be seen, you have to stand out.

DEKRA Info July / August 2018

DEKRA safety caps

The commencement of the 2018/19 school year heralds in another round of the DEKRA road safety campaign for school children. Once again this year more than 200,000 children will be kitted out with the well-known signal red cap that ensures more safety in road traffic. The striking cap helps children to be more easily recognized by other road users. And this does not just mean during the day. The integrated reflective stripes also mean the child stands out at night, too. Reflective stripes added to clothing and a triangle sash tabard additionally increases the visibility of children for the motorist. The experts have distributed more than 2.5 million caps to children since the campaign started back in 2004. DEKRA companies in other countries have in the meantime also joined the campaign. Parents can find more information on getting safely to school in the flyer “Safety for Explorers” at


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