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Chemical Safety of Consumer Goods

Chemical Safety of Consumer Goods

Harmful Substance Testing According to the Ordinance on Consumer Goods

As a manufacturer, distributor, or importer of non-food or near-food items, you must comply with various international regulations such as REACH, RoHS, or the Ordinance on Consumer Goods (BedGgstV). DEKRA tests a wide range of consumer goods with chemical-analytical testing for pollutants and marketability.
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Product Safety for Global Supply Chains

To ensure consumer protection in an era of global production, international markets, and online commerce, you must comply with the requirements of numerous laws, directives, and regulations for the chemical safety of products. For chemicals in consumer goods, such as household items or textiles, the following regulations and requirements apply, among others:
  • Consumer Goods Ordinance (BedGgstV)
  • Annex 17, REACH (Regulation (EC) 1907/2006), and SVHC substances
  • POP Regulation (EU) 2019/1021
  • Custom-specific requirements
  • Other international chemical safety requirements

Product Testing Provides Safety

Our experts in the accredited DEKRA Laboratory for Environmental and Product Analysis offer a comprehensive portfolio of chemical analytical product testing and contaminant investigations (e.g., for jewelry, decorative items, or electronic products). Additionally, we assist you in creating customized testing plans tailored to your specific products.
Our service portfolio
    • Household goods
    • Food contact materials
    • Tools and gardening equipment
    • Examination of plastics and other organic materials in contact with drinking water (KTW-BWGL)
    • DIY articles
    • Decorative and promotional items
    • Candles
    • Furniture
    • Textiles, leather goods, and shoes
    • Jewelry and accessories

    DEKRA – Global Testing Expertise for Safe Consumer Goods

    • Interdisciplinary testing spectrum focused on chemical safety and material quality
    • DEKRA Automobil GmbH laboratories accredited according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025 in Germany in Bretten, Halle, Saarbrucken, and Stuttgart
    • Global DEKRA laboratory network offering a wide range of testing options
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