Certification services according to UKEX requirements

Feb 28, 2022 Digital & Product Solutions

DEKRA launches UKCA certification services for explosion protective equipment for the UK market

After securing UKAS accreditation for ISO 17065 in October 2021, DEKRA has been appointed by the United Kingdom of Great Britain’s Office for Product Safety and Standards to act as an approved body under the UKEX Regulations. This appointment has been granted to the UK-based certification body, DEKRA Certification UK Ltd. The appointment allows DEKRA Certification UK Ltd to perform conformity assessment against the UKEX requirements and issue UKCA certificates where requirements are met.

  • DEKRA Certification UK Ltd UK Approved Body and NI Notified Body 8505
  • DEKRA offers testing and certification services according to UKEX for UKCA certification.
For the DEKRA scope of appointment, see the Schedule of Accreditation issued by UKAS .
The UKCA capabilities complement the existing DEKRA portfolio for explosion protection, which includes IECEx, ATEX, JPEx, INMETRO, and NRTL. DEKRA’s global footprint allows international manufacturers to benefit by minimising duplication of the same testing requirements for different regulatory jurisdictions and we can combine service delivery of certification activities for multiple schemes.
“DEKRA is delighted to have secured accreditation. We are excited to be part of the UK’s evolution to a unique and important regulatory jurisdiction that has the potential to encourage rapid innovation without compromising product safety. For explosion safety, our global Sustainability Strategy 2025 gives us a particular interest in the hydrogen economy. We are ready to take responsibility and make our contribution to greater safety in this, and other, industrial sectors,” said Bo Bay Hougaard, Managing Director of DEKRA Certification UK Ltd.
The UK is currently in a transition period and, although UKCA marking was launched in January 2021, CE marking is accepted as a route to market until 31st December 2022. UKCA marking becomes mandatory on 1st January 2023 for most products placed on the market of Great Britain. Medical devices have different transitional deadlines.
DEKRA now also supports clients with existing ATEX certificates to get the UKEX certification. The UKEX regulatory requirements remain closely aligned to ATEX during the transition period.
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