Case: EVBox puts safety first in EV charging stations

Sep 30, 2020

The electrification of cars is something we have all grown accustomed to in 2020. But ten years ago, EVBox was one of the pioneer companies to start building charging stations for electric vehicles. Since its founding in 2010, the company has grown significantly as the market for electric vehicles and the necessary charging equipment flourished. When it comes to the safety of their products, “EVBox maintains the highest standards”, as Elio Balducci, Certification and Compliance Manager, explains.

EVBox was founded with a clear vision in mind of a modular charging station that can easily be adapted to different needs and situations, offering solutions for workplaces, private residences, commercial parking and corporate fleets. In all cases, safety is a main priority: “Our charging stations are connected to the grid and work under high voltage. Still, every user must be assured a safe use of our product, at all times,” Balducci says. “This is why safety is embedded in every part of the process.”
From the first designs and throughout the development of their products, EVBox monitors safety aspects constantly. “When changes are made during production, we always run additional tests to verify that the safety of the product is not compromised by the modification. In most of these cases where more testing is required, we turn to our test and certification partners, such as DEKRA. As our partner in safety, DEKRA has the ability to offer us solutions in terms of timely consults, for example during pre-compliance testing.”
In the last stages of product development, DEKRA performs safety, EMC, wireless, EV-ready and OCPP tests to make sure an EVBox product is in compliance with applicable country regulations. “These regulations vary from country to country, especially within the EU, which makes market entry more complex. When it comes to compliance with the various standards we make use of the expertise of DEKRA. The fact that DEKRA has an outstanding global reputation in the automotive sector, supports us in building trust amongst potential customers.”
In the near future, EVBox is aiming to keep ahead of the game when it comes to meeting the needs of a fast growing market. And there are always new opportunities on the horizon. “We remain focused on all developments in the area of EV charging equipment and customer needs. Our future products will reflect this.”