Buy back contract fulfillment

Optimize and secure the application of contract rules during the end-of-term process.

Buy back contract fulfillment

Why does Buy back contract fulfillment exist ?

In every business relationship, the contract is the key document. All stakeholders are linked by rules, responsibilities, and penalties in case of non-respect. In an automotive context, and moreover when a buyback relationship linked parts, its strict application is essential in terms of commitments to financial aspects, timeout side, and actions to provide.
Our goal: ensure secure and strict application of the rules defined in a buyback B2B contractual relationship.

Your benefits?

  • Contract clauses optimization and securing
  • Financial benefits
  • Reduction of buyback process time period
  • Fleet return plan control

Our services cover:

  • Contract consultancy by scenario projection to assess optimizations
  • IT system configuration and tests
  • Continuous quality controls


  • workflow processes and timeout actions, workflow processes and timeout actions between customers and providers,
  • buyback calculation rules and buyback related costs and invoicing (mileage, refurbishment, missing elements, …)
  • damage valorization, damage assessment and valorization,
  • document management and property transfer
  • vehicle defleet plan


DEKRA is an expert in buyback contract fulfillment with close to 180 contracts managed each year in Europe for more than 1 million vehicles managed. Our support is based on human knowledge and an IT system built around the end-of-term process, and on all the remarketing value chain, from NV status to UV sales. Our overview of the remarketing chain brings us a complete capacity to provide the right decisions in term of contract rules, calculations, stakeholder interactions, fleet model mix, volume delivery period, …


Stéphanie Gautier

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