Lobbying in Brussels

The Group Representative Office in Brussels has represented the European interests of DEKRA since 1991. As 80% of the important decisions on Europe's future in the areas of automotive policy, industrial policy and working conditions are made in Brussels, the Representative Office plays a key role. The Group Representative Office in Brussels does not only attend to EU-related issues, however, but is also responsible for international lobbying.

The Lisbon Treaty and the appointment of the Commission for 2010-2014 have set the course for the further expansion of the powers of the European Union. As a global Group with European roots, DEKRA has a keen interest in ensuring that European draft laws and their transposition at national level, for example in the area of the completion of the internal market and environmental regulations, are implemented with a sense of proportion and expertise.


Oliver  Deiters

Head of representative office in Berlin


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Avenue de Cortenbergh 52

1000 Brussels

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