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Automotive SPICE

Automotive SPICE® (ASPICE)

Enabling organizations to develop ECU based software systems using safe and secure processes meeting the industry’s leading process framework ASPICE.


Automotive Cyber Security, ASPICE and Functional Safety complement each other. Benefit from DEKRA’s year-long expertise within these fields and the synergies created when considered together.

  • Establish viable and reliable processes for ECU based software systems development

  • Adapt your processes efficiently and react to increasing complexity

  • Ensure a safe and secure supply-chain with our best practice model


What is ASPICE?

Automotive SPICE® is an established framework which is a collection of essential best practices used in the development of electronic control unit-based software systems and contains a set of methods to perform evaluation of process fulfillment.



Automotive SPICE® enables suppliers and car manufacturers (OEMs) to be technically capable to develop, improve and adapt software-system processes – e.g. for ECUs. This ensures that all participants along the development process of electronic vehicle components work in accordance to state-of-the-art best practices and minimize product risks.

ASPICE Services

  • Methodical approach to establish, scale and maintain ASPICE capability
  • Optimized process synergized with safety and security standards

  • Provides stakeholders with the requirements, benefits, and customer perspective of ASPICE – Introduction to ASPICE
  • Provides practitioners with the application knowledge of ASPICE – Applying ASPICE

  • Compliant to ISO/IEC 330xx by a VDA qualified principle assessors
  • Credible assessment outcomes sought-after by the OEMs and suppliers

DEKRA's subject matter experts will partner with the organization’s stakeholders and practitioners throughout the improvement journey because DEKRA truly believes in holding hands together with you in the journey rather than leaving you blindfolded. Your success is ours!

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