Automotive Retailer Staff Evaluation

Supporting a winning team with DEKRA retail staff evaluation

Knowing the qualifications and abilities of each employee affords you the opportunity to build effective and successful teams. Independent DEKRA assessment of your frontline retail and customer service staff provides you the confidence to ensure the quality of your brand and outpace your competitors.
We provide comprehensive automotive retailer staff evaluation with services tailored to your particular needs – from beginning to end.
Our experts follow a step-by-step approach, working with you to support your expectations for the objective evaluation of your staff in the field:
1. Review job descriptions
2. Determine necessary professional skills and qualifications
3. Design assessment according to corresponding soft and hard skills
4. Establish the appropriate mix of level tests using interviews, quizzes and role play techniques
5. On-site evaluation of your staff and their environment
6. Recognize your unique priorities and outline effective educational objectives
We conduct comprehensive retailer staff evaluation for the automotive sector focused on developing strategies designed to develop and maintain competent and motivated frontline brand representatives to ensure your expectations are met in every circumstance for optimal results.
Gain from our expertise
  • We conduct independent and objective business-oriented evaluation from a single source
  • Our experts assess both soft and hard skills relevant to the automotive retail sector
  • We help you realistically deploy your customer service vision in the field
  • We provide effective solutions to support management dealing with changes in the global automotive sector
  • Our services aim to boost customer satisfaction and strengthen your brand image