Arc Flash Inspection

DEKRA offers an assessment to keep your equipment and the workplace safe from arc flashes

With this assessment, DEKRA experts analyze your equipment and provide proper labelling to avoid hazards or accidents with arc flashes.

Arc flashes are dangerous for your equipment and your work force. DEKRA offers an assessment to avoid possible arc flash accidents. With on-site guidance from our DEKRA experts as well as specific software, we calculate the incident energy (EI) in cal/m² and the arc flash boundary and analyze the likelihood of arc flashes in your environment. We provide a label for each panel and cabinet of all installations concerned.
Arc flashes are energy discharges of light and heat caused by faults in electrical circuits. They imply a serious hazard for all workers, from massive manufacturing plants to small-space offices. Causing damages in equipment as well as accidents with people, they must be avoided. Therefore, careful assessments, personal protective equipment (PPE) and labelling of the operating equipment are necessary when designing and setting up power grids or other electrical systems, as well as on a regular basis for existing equipment.

Assessment to avoid arc flashes

DEKRA offers a simple and direct 4-phase-assessment: data collection, system modelling, analysis, and report. As a first step, you provide diagrams and drawings of your electrical systems. Of course, we will inspect the equipment and set-ups personally on site to verify and complete the provided information. This includes inspection of the voltage grids and cables, but also protective equipment to identify any possible hazards and risks. With the collected data, we carry out the system modelling. Using high-end software complying the standards of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), we calculate and analyze the likelihood of arc creations and the necessary arc flash boundary distances for each panel and cabinet of all installations concerned. We make the calculations for each piece of equipment individually, as every appliance has different approach boundaries. The calculated data is needed for analysis according to the different scenarios of use. It includes:
  • short circuit analysis
  • coordination analysis
  • incident energy analysis.
Moreover, we optimize the settings of the existing protections to reduce or completely avoid electric arcs. In the final step, we mitigate consequences and provide labelling for your appliances as well as PPE proposals for incident energy values above the recommendations.
Do not risk arc flash accidents. Make sure all your equipment is properly installed and labelled and contact our DEKRA experts now. We have the perfect assessment plan to keep your workspace safe.