Affinity sales

These sales to the employees of a group and / or its partners, as a new channel, generates additional sales (on the manufacturer’s domestic markets, the potential number of employees is huge), potentially at a higher price.

Affinity sales

Why do Affinity sales exist?

This is a response to a recurring demand, particularly among manufacturers, to organise access to used vehicles for company personnel.

Your benefits?

  • Additional sales
  • Benefit in terms of image (among partners)
  • Optimized prices
  • Improve labour relations (works committee, trade unions) within the company
  • Bring additional leads to the network (when delivery is done by the network)

Our services cover:

  • A web platform to consult the offers, make on-line orders and related services designed to generate traffic on the system
  • Managing of accreditations (user verification/authentication) and allocations (number of purchases/user)
  • Support of people making a purchase and manage the vehicle post-sale administration processes.
  • Driving the process with the network (vehicle delivery)
  • Delivering communication material about Affinity sales


DEKRA is the only player on the market offering a complete sales service, not only an Affinity Sales platform, but also online auctions, special offers, commercial operations, salespeople (working by phone on behalf of the customer), transport management and steering, invoicing services, call center, claims portal.


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