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Type Test for E-Scooters

DEKRA Expert tip

E-scooters, the electrically driven scooters, are a hotly discussed topic. Until recently, they were not allowed to be used in normal road traffic; however, the topic is now gaining momentum. The legislator has legalized these electric mini vehicles – which are of interest particularly for the last few kilometers to the destination – since mid-June 2019. However, type testing or a homologation is required. DEKRA offers this service to the manufacturers of these vehicles.

Manufacturers who wish to offer the e-scooters for legal road use in future must be able to present an official operating license. Without this license, the scooter will receive no insurance plate required for operation.


This labeling is already known from mopeds and small motorcycles. Without such labeling, there is no insurance protection in the event of an accident.

The specialists from DEKRA are familiar with the requirements that must be fulfilled to obtain an official operating license. Important components on e-scooters are, in particular, the lighting – including front and rear lights as well as reflectors at the front, the sides, and the rear – an acoustic signal and two brakes that work independently of each other. Blink devices, a brake light, and a rear-view mirror are not required for the official operating license but are possible options. Other focuses of the testing include tests on electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), engine performance, and battery safety.

In addition to the static analyses in the laboratories, DEKRA also carries out practice-orientated tests that are to demonstrate suitability for everyday use and use in road traffic. For example, as part of driving dynamics tests, the scooters must also demonstrate that they can overcome small obstacles without any problem.


Steffen Hladik

Steffen Hladik

Head of vehicle DTC


DEKRA Technology Center

Senftenberger Str. 30

01998 Klettwitz

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