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Maintenance Optimization Consultancy

Identify current conditions to lower costs and prevent future failures

Know exactly when and how often railway vehicles or infrastructure require maintenance. DEKRA Rail’s maintenance optimization consultancy will help you lower your costs and avoid future failures.

The benefits of Maintenance Optimization Consultancy

  • Identify current conditions of your systems
  • Find ideal maintenance frequency
  • Optimize your maintenance process and make it more efficient
  • Avoid future failures
  • Lower your costs

Maintenance Optimization Consultancy

About Maintenance Optimization Consultancy

In railways, system and component failures often lead to high costs, and sometimes can result in terrible accidents. Asset performance and asset safety are highly important goals.

It is therefore crucial to identify the current conditions of your railway systems and know exactly when and how often vehicles or infrastructures require maintenance. At DEKRA Rail, we use our thorough knowledge of technical railway systems, we combine this with state of the art condition measurement and monitoring techniques, we constantly analyze and calculate. In doing so, we help you optimize your maintenance processes. We help you modify the situation whenever necessary and make your maintenance process as efficient as possible to avoid failures and lower your costs.

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