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Damage Assessment for Bicycles and E-Bikes

DEKRA Expert tip

Due to the continuous rise in sales figures of high-quality bicycles and e-bikes in the last few years, the question regarding the economic efficiency and possibility of a repair is asked very quickly in the case of damage.

When it comes to determining the replacement value of bicycles or, for example, issuing an opinion on a possible value reduction or value improvement, DEKRA is the competent point of contact.

damage assessments

The experts have the expertise to assess bicycles of all types professionally and properly.

In a damage assessment, all the details of the bicycle or e-bike are recorded and all the relevant factors are taken into account. These include vehicle age, condition, mileage, and special accessories. Additionally, outstanding and/or already executed repairs as well as use type and the market situation are taken into account.

The damage profiles have an important influence and, in the case of high-priced models, can be determined exactly in most cases only by experts using manufacturer information. For instance, accident damage on a bicycle frame made of carbon fibers can often not be recognized with the naked eye. To detect hidden cracks in high-quality frames, there is the option of an inspection using a thermography process, X-ray, or CT.

In the case of damage in the drive, such as mechanical damage in the bottom bracket area, manufacturer guidelines are additionally to be taken into account. For instance, a renowned manufacturer of drive units prescribes that in the event of a strong axial force effect in the area of the bottom bracket axle the drive engine is to be reconditioned. Since a large proportion of the sensors are located in the area of the bottom bracket, non-adherence to these guidelines would mean that the risk of follow-up damage is very high.


Marcel Ott

Marcel Ott

Head of product management and damage assessment


DEKRA Automobil GmbH

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70565 Stuttgart

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