Non-Periodic Inspections

non periodic inspection

Vehicle inspections are performed to ensure that the vehicle meets the safety regulations. Inspections can be required on a periodic basis or at different times in the life of the vehicle: to sell, import, register, or renew the registration of a vehicle, or to check modifications that may have been made on the vehicle, etc.

Complying with these regulations, limiting downtime, and ensuring reliable and safe transportation are key for your professional customers.

We offer convenient and flexible solutions for our professional customers in order to optimize downtime, to make the different stages easier from the appointment to the invoicing, and to ensure that they meet the local regulations on non-periodic inspections.

In our branches, our trained and accredited inspectors inspect your vehicle accurately with state-of-the-art equipment and high-quality processes. The vehicle inspection activity is accredited in some countries: being accredited for DEKRA ensures competence and reliability since the guarantee is given by a neutral third party. It’s a proof of quality.

Take advantage of our over 90 years of experience, a presence in 18 countries, the worldwide number 1 in vehicle inspection.

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