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How to assess process safety performance

Process Safety Webinar

Learn and discuss safety aspects in an interactive setting.

Are you Lucky or Good?

ESPC webinar facilitated by DEKRA

EPSC ist the European Process Safety Centre. EPSC webinars are facilitated by knowledgeable solution providers offer the opportunity to learn and discuss on a specific safety topic.

ESPC Webinar

Webinar "Are you lucky or good?" - 05.02.2021, 2pm (CET)

During the mid 80s, the industrial community started to understand that a good process safety performance is conditio sine qua non to ensure long-term continuity of businesses; not to speak about safety of employees, public, environment and assets.

The landscape of process safety has proven complex, with many dimensions to consider, including both technical and cultural / organisational elements. The analogue of a GPS navigator is clearly needed to pinpoint the current position of an organisation, and to provide a roadmap towards improvement.

Aspects to be discussed in an interactive setting

  • How to assess process safety performance.
  • Cultural/organisational and technical elements.
  • Process safety management for non-chemical industries.
  • What the future will bring: data analytics.
  • Lessons learned in real case studies.

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