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EU Chemical Strategy for Sustainability

Webinar Series

DEKRA and EPPA provide detailed information on new measures and their effects.

New Chemicals Strategy for Sustainability

Learn about latest changes in EU chemicals law

On October 14th, the EU Commission presented its new Chemicals Strategy for Sustainability (CSS), which was developed as part of the EU Green Deal. This sustainability strategy comprises a whole series of measures that are to be implemented in EU chemicals law.

Webinar-Series on the EU Chemical Strategy for Sustainability

The impact on manufacturers and users of chemicals and chemical products will be significant. DEKRA and its long-term partner EPPA are evaluating the approaches and activities that are part of the CSS in a webinar series since the beginning of 2021.

In part 2 of the series, we are now taking a look at the developments that have occurred in the last 6 months for the most important aspects of the CSS and are also looking at some additional topics that are coming up.

Participation in the webinars is free of charge.

Webinar 2 – REACH restrictions: the way forward

Topics:- EU Restriction Roadmap (Draft)
- Impact of the REACH Revision
- Substance groups in focus: microplastics, PFAS, …
Date:20 October 2021, 3pm (CEST)
Speakers:- EPPA: Camille Dehestru, Meglena Mihova
- DEKRA: Jochen Dettke

Webinar 3 – Non-toxic material cycles and sustainability by design

Topics:- Circular economy elements of the CSS: hazardous substances in recycled materials
- What is „Safe and sustainable by design?
Date:17 November 2021, 3pm (CET)
Speakers:- EPPA: Camille Dehestru, Parvoleta Luleva
- DEKRA: Jochen Dettke, N.N.

Webinar 4 – Batteries in the CSS: a new precedent-setting model for product safety legislation?

Topics:- New Batteries Regulation proposal & state of negotiations
- Lithium Batteries: Transport and safe storage
Date:1 December 2021, 3pm (CET)
Speakers:- EPPA: Camille Dehestru
- DEKRA: Jochen Dettke, N.N.

In case the registration link is blocked by your firewall, please contact directly.

DEKRA is an international expert organization with more than 30 years of experience in the practical aspects of chemicals regulations as well as in laboratory analysis and plant safety.

EPPA is an international consulting company with more than 30 years of experience in supporting companies in communicating with public institutions and authorities.


Jochen Dettke

Product Manager Chemical Regulatory Compliance


DEKRA Assurance Services GmbH

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