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DEKRA Webinar New Requirements for Safety Data Sheets

Complimentary Webinar

DEKRA and NCEC will provide you with detailed information on new legal requirements.

New Requirements for Safety Data Sheets

Changes in REACH Annex II

The amended version of REACH Annex II has been in effect since January 1st. This is causing several new requirements for safety data sheets.

The new requirements include:

  • Indication of the UFI
  • Information on substances in nanoform
  • More detailed information on the (eco) toxicity of the substances
  • Lower threshold values for sensitizing substances
  • Information on endocrine effects
  • Extended requirements in Section 9.2.2.

In order to inform the companies concerned about the new requirements, DEKRA and NCEC have jointly prepared a webinar.

Webinar New requirements for safety data sheets

New Requirements for Safety Data Sheets - 09.03.2021, 10:30-12:00 CET

In our webinar we will present all relevant changes. We will look at two aspects in more detail:

1. Overview of the current legal requirements for emergency numbers worldwide

  • Implementation at the country level
  • Observations from practice
  • Best practice - Cefic guidelines

2. Requirements for solids that can form explosive dust-air mixtures

  • What is new, which substances and mixtures are affected?
  • Which safety-related parameters are relevant, which tests are necessary?
  • Problems and solutions for practice

The webinar is carried out jointly by DEKRA and NCEC.

DEKRA was founded as a testing and expert organization in 1925 and has been advising companies on issues relating to chemicals, hazardous substances and dangerous goods law for over 30 years. Tests are carried out in numerous accredited laboratories in UK, Europe, US and Asia.

NCEC has been one of the world's leading expert centers for chemical emergency advice since 1973. An experienced team of qualified specialists is permanently on standby and answers over 8000 calls a year.


Jochen Dettke

Product Manager Chemical Regulatory Compliance


DEKRA Assurance Services GmbH

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