Tele sales

Selling used vehicles from stock and reaching the targets with help of commercial advisors by telephone.

Tele sales

Why do Tele sales exist?

Used vehicle sales is a very seasonal activity and requires many skills. It needs ‘flexibility of resources’, high level of experience (product, market), good relationships. DEKRA is a specialist in that domain.

Your benefits?

  • Expertise on the whole chain process
  • Working on synergies between "Telesales" and "Online sales"
  • Implementation adaptability (‘in house’ teams, external team, etc)
  • Ability to recruit and manage salespeople (professionals from used vehicle sales)
  • Daily coordination (including with other partners)

Our services cover:

  • Daily contact & good relationship with the dealers
  • ‘Pull’ mode: finalize web baskets
  • ‘Push’ mode: we prospect customers to optimize volumes, keeping in mind residual value
  • Sales management (of sales teams)
  • Sales reporting (for the customer)


DEKRA is an expert in telesales with close to 200.000 UV sold each year in Europe through this service and is the only player on the market offering a complete sales service : tele sales, e-sales platform, transport management and steering, invoicing services, call center, claims portal.


Sébastien Garin

+33 (0)5 56 69 34 07
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