DEKRA organizational process safety (OPS) assessment

Taking Process Safety to the Next Level

Aug 14, 2019

Even if all the rules and regulations are complied with, serious incidents still occur in high-risk industries as there are always residual risks. In order to minimize these risks and increase safety, DEKRA is now offering a solution that focuses on organizational maturity as a key factor.

The DEKRA organizational process safety (OPS) assessment is based on the internationally recognized Risk Based Process Safety (RBPS) standard developed by the Center for Chemical Process Safety (CCPS). The aim is to develop a higher level of process safety within an organization based on the risks and possible consequences of an incident.
During an OPS assessment, DEKRA experts identify the risks in the company and evaluate the maturity of the organization. Seven workstreams (based on the 20 elements of the CCPS model) are taken into account and weighted according to industry or task – including what expertise the company has; how it responds to emergencies; and the maturity of risk management, equipment safety, work processes and corporate culture.
The goal is to evolve an organization that is not focused predominantly on regulatory compliance, but on the added value that can be generated by process safety improvements above and beyond the rules and standards. The OPS assessment acts as the foundation to establish a sustainable, long-term process to increase the maturity of the organization and to manage risks.
The DEKRA OPS assessment affords an objective, precise, repeatable and reproducible tool to benefit many industries that are prone to risks.
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