Supply chain audits

Ensure supply chain integrity with second party audits

Your products and services depend on more than your internal processes and culture. Your suppliers and partners have an unmistakable impact on your success as well. Our second party audits allow you to properly vet companies and service providers in your sector and all along your supply chain.

Second party auditing services

The benefits you get from the audits

  • Assurance that your partners and suppliers share your high standards for quality and safety
  • Second party audits designed and carried out by experts in the field that you can rely on
  • An easier, straightforward way to vet potential partners
  • Ensuring the quality of your products and earning customer and consumer trust

What we offer

Our services include initial supplier audits, continuous surveillance and expertise with local regulatory requirements. We are experienced and equipped to carry out audits in a variety of fields, including:

  • Environmental health and safety
  • Data privacy and information security
  • Quality management systems
  • …and more

Gain from our expertise

  • Our global presence: We operate on 5 continents, speak local languages and understand regional business cultures as well as national and international regulations.
  • Our talent for customization: We work closely with our clients to ensure our services meet their needs. Together we identify your customer specific requirements and then design an auditing and assessment program that delivers the necessary information.
  • Our reputation: We have been in the management certification business since 1995 and have become the trusted third-party provider of industry leaders across the globe.

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