Supply Chain Audits (OEM)

Enhance the strength of your supply chain in the automotive industry

Besides your own process quality, your suppliers and partners are a decisive factor for your corporate success. Globalization has made this a difficult and time-consuming project to accomplish, with suppliers and plants located all over the world. OEM audits are effective tools for evaluating potential suppliers and controlling the quality of your current supply base.

Supply chain Audits (OEM)

The benefits you get from the Audit

  • Evaluate your suppliers and partners
  • Control the quality of your current supply base
  • Prevent product recalls, service failure or compliance issues
  • Assure quality parts are received on time, every time
  • Identify problems early, before they affect your customers or end users
  • Make your quality control processes stronger and more transparent

About Supply chain Audits

Supply chain audits for OEM in the automotive industry provide a valuable tool for strengthening a company’s supply chain through verification that all current and future suppliers meet or exceed pre-determined requirements. Thanks to our expertise in this field of work, we can support you with various services concerning supply chain audits:

  • Environmental health and safety audits
  • Social responsibility audits
  • Contractual or customer-specific audits
  • Supplier data privacy and information security audits
  • Channel partner and distributor compliance audits
  • Supplier quality management system audits

Gain from our expertise

  • Our auditors have many years of experience as neutral auditing service providers
  • Working with your Customer Specific Requirements, we build an auditing and assessment program that provides your business with comprehensive knowledge of supplier practices and capabilities
  • Our international auditor network stands ready to assist you everywhere you operate
  • Our portfolio contains over 40 accreditations we are authorized to perform, and our services can be combined to provide maximum benefits

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