Services Management


DEKRA offers comprehensive solutions to countries and professionals: transportation fleets, dealerships, insurance companies, leasing companies.

Our worldwide presence with over 90 years of experience in vehicle inspection allows us to provide solutions to the challenges and needs of road safety services, vehicle inspection, environmental tests, and driver examination.

We provide turnkey solutions according to national requirements.

We support our fleet customers to optimize downtime and to ensure the safety condition of commercial vehicles, trucks, and drivers. We accompany insurance and financial companies in their effort to reduce fraud and financial risk. We propose packages to dealers and leasing companies in their used car activities, and offer digitized central billing services. We share our know-how of road safety and accident research with international organizations such as the European Commission and the UN.

We also offer select partners the opportunity to become franchisees within our DEKRA values to implement safety, environmental innovation, and responsible corporate governance.

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