Sales channel development

Open your used vehicle business to new buyers to develop your sales volumes.

Sales channel development

Why do Sales channel development exist?

With the growth of buy back activity, the purchasing capacity of the brand network can be saturated. That’s why car manufacturers need to organize and master their business in complementary buyer channels.

Your benefits?

  • A unique correspondent to manage your used vehicle sales in different sales channels and support,
  • All included services: analysis, recommendation, administration of IT system, monitoring,
  • Efficiency: proven IT system and industrial processes dedicated to treating high volumes of used vehicle to sell.

Our services cover:

  • Analyzing the sales data to identify the priority sales channels that propose the best balance between used vehicle sales volume, sales speed, residual value regarding the typologies of used vehicles: brand network in most cases,
  • Identifying the secondary sales channels that can absorb additional volumes of used vehicles: affinity sales, auction companies, local or international traders, …
  • Defining the business policy and processes to sale used vehicle to the secondary sales channels while respecting the partnership agreements made with the priority sales channels,
  • Administrating our IT system and processes to adapt with reactivity the used vehicle offer to the most adapted sales channels in accordance with the previous criteria.


DEKRA is specialized in consulting services to accompany its customers to define their used vehicles remarketing strategy and has developed an expertise in “sales channels development” dedicated to the sale of more than 550.000 UV each year in Europe.


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