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Road Safety Campaigns


Since its founding in 1925, DEKRA has been committed to safety on the road. We are involved in this mission with vehicle inspection, our core business.

In addition, we offer other services to make the road safer, such as road safety campaigns, for different target audiences.

In some of our campaigns, we focus on pedestrians, and especially on children because road safety education is the best prevention.

DEKRA promotes the safety of children on their way to school with the “Safety needs no magic"” campaign. Our target: raising the awareness of the presence of children on the way to school.

DEKRA Road Safety Report

Since 2008, DEKRA has been publishing the Road Safety Report every year. It details the specific accident risks that affect the traffic and actions that can improve road safety from the perspective of accident research and testing technology. It also proposes best practices and solutions for decision makers responsible for road safety regulations.

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