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Since the first motorized vehicle came onto the market over 125 years ago, the automotive industry has found itself in constant transition. Therefore, research and development are among the core areas of expertise of the auto industry and are the reason for highly modern vehicles and increasingly more safety on the roads. A not insignificant proportion of this positive trend is contributed by research-accompanying tests and their evaluations. Their scientific findings flow into the development of vehicles and safety components.

As a neutral and independent testing center, DEKRA has occupied itself with the research and development of vehicles and road safety since 1978. With three locations and our own test track, we offer a wide range of services for manufacturers, suppliers, and retailers. In addition to automated driving, our areas of focus relate to noise emissions as well as exhaust emission and consumption measurements. Moreover, at our DEKRA Technology Center in Klettwitz, we test the functionality and capacity for approval of all passive and active safety systems both on the car body and on components of the interior and the exterior.

Another main focus of DEKRA in this field of work is research into real-life accidents on the roads. This type of accident research is based mainly on comprehensive accident databases, which the help of which we can process assignments for authorities, associations, manufacturers, and suppliers from Germany and abroad. Additionally, as part of research projects financed by third parties and by us, we carry out driving dynamics tests and crash tests on our own 5.8 kilometer-long test and measuring track in Klettwitz.

We are pleased about your interest in our service range related to research, development, and tests. Contact us and benefit from our far-reaching experience and research possibilities for your matter of interest.

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