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Remote Consulting

Innovative tools provide continuity in a crisis

As governments and localities around the world issue protective orders to slow the spread of COVID-19, some of DEKRA’s experts and clients are experiencing lockdowns. This does not mean, however, that work comes to a standstill — not even tasks usually associated with face to face meetings or plant visits.

Remote tools for continuous consulting support

DEKRA has provided its experts with state-of-the-art communication tools enabling them to connect with clients’ sites. For instance, DEKRA’s i2i system allows two-way audio and video communication between the expert’s computer and a cellular phone (or tablet) at the client’s site. The tool allows the remote expert to record what the phone “sees,” and, thanks to voice communication, the expert can also direct the recording. This solution uses a robust encryption algorithm, and does not require the client to install any software whatsoever on their phone. This technology has been in use for quite some time to remotely assess damages to cars and industrial assets, and DEKRA is now deploying it for immediate response to incident investigations and equipment or plant inspections.

Process Hazard Analyses (PHA) are another good example of services that can continue remotely, this time using standard conferencing tools. DEKRA has issued some internal guidelines—and briefed the experts—to optimize the sessions’ effectiveness. This ensures that projects already underway do not need to come to a halt for the duration of the crisis.

Online training provides a good opportunity to keep learning on lockdown. DEKRA has been offering online and blended competence transfer programs, as well as introductory webinars, for quite some time. The DEKRA Process Safety Academy offers a comprehensive syllabus for building process safety competence at any organizational level. In close collaboration with the Academy Division, it has been recently optimized for online delivery as well.

At DEKRA we do our best to keep in contact with our clients and support them in these challenging times!

Remote Consulting Tools


  • We are experienced in utilizing remote technologies to better serve our clients.
  • We have the resources and know-how to provide a range of remote consulting services
  • We specialize in implementing innovative solutions, from remote site visits to virtual PHAs to online process safety training and more.

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