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Railway Accident Investigation

Find the causes behind damages or failures and avoid them in the future

Whenever railway accidents happen, careful and independent investigation is crucial. DEKRA Rail’s experts help you find the causes behind damages or failures and avoid them in the future. Our laboratories and test facilities are available to back up our investigation.

The benefits of Railway Accident Investigation

  • Know the causes of railway vehicle or track faults and failures
  • Avoid future accidents
  • Get independent examination and analyses
  • Improve long-term safety of your vehicles and track
  • Optimize your maintenance regime
  • Establish regular inspection plans

Railway Accident Investigation

About Railway Accident Investigation

Accidents are unpleasant for any railway company. But they happen. Thorough and independent investigation of vehicle accidents is crucial to avoid them in the future. With well-equipped laboratories and flexible test facilities to support our investigation, DEKRA Rail experts will help you find the exact cause of an incident or accident, be it a component’s failure, excessive wear or human error.

Our consultant specialists have in-depth knowledge of railway systems and long-term experience. They carefully and impartially analyze damaged components, test them and suggest improvements for materials or in your production process. Regular inspection plans and maintenance optimization complement our service for guiding you into a safer future.

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