Political representatives

Lobbying on the international stage

As a globally operating company, with its comprehensive, independent expertise DEKRA is sought after as a partner by decision-makers, organizations and authorities at international, European, national and regional level. Knowledgeable contributions by our experts, for example in the area of road safety, accompany and support sustainable political decisions.

In the area of road safety, DEKRA is very firmly committed to informing road users and preventing accidents. DEKRA achieves this through, among other things, high-profile activities such as safety checks for you drivers, the “Red Caps Campaign“ for primary school pupils, or the wide range of actions implemented within the framework of the European Road Safety Charter, which DEKRA has actively supported since 2004 as the initial signatory.

The Group Representative Offices in Brussels and Berlin perform a liaison role and ensure that DEKRA is in constant close contact with decision-makers and can offer its services as a constructive partner. DEKRA is also actively involved in a wide variety of associations and partner organizations, such as CITA (International Motor Vehicle Inspection Committee), CEOC (European Confederation of Inspection Organizations) and CIECA (International Commission for Driver Testing). In association with strong partners it is therefore able to make a decisive contribution to balanced and targeted political decision-making.

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