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Plastics testing for material characteristics and properties | DEKRA

Vast performance for a vast materials sector

Plastics testing

As a manufacturer or processor of plastic products you can only comply with high quality standards if you accurately know the material characteristics and material properties. DEKRA gives you safety in the use of plastics.

The experienced materials experts in our laboratories examine your plastics specimens and samples using state-of-the-art testing technology and many years of expertise. Whether regarding solids, powder or liquids, we provide you with solid results quickly and reliably. You thus receive recognized proof of the desired material properties and chemical composition of your materials.

DEKRA offers you these services:

  • Identification of plastics
  • Determination of the glass transition area
  • Determination of the melting temperature
  • Detection of solvents
  • Detection of fibers and fillers
  • Testing the effectiveness of stabilizers
  • Testing the hardening properties of thermosets
  • Determination of crystallinity
  • Testing using the scanning electron microscope
  • Tensile tests
  • Pressure tests
  • Bending tests
  • Charpy impact strength and notched impact strength
  • Shore A and shore D hardness testing


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