Plant & Process Safety

Rely on DEKRA’s customized solutions and long-standing expertise in plant and process safety

Plant & Process Safety Assessments

Minimizing explosion risk

Planners and operators of plants, as well as equipment manufacturers, public authorities and insurance companies rely on DEKRA’s customized solutions and long-standing expertise in plant and process safety. Determining and implementing adequate explosion protection measures requires profound knowledge of the applicable standards and directives.

Why DEKRA for Plant & Process Safety Assessments

  • Process: Let us help you with zoning support, support in drawing up or amending documents, simulations of dust and gas explosion and plant safety assessments
  • Instrumentation: We can assist you in building knowledge related to many different plant and process safety topics
  • Personnel: Enjoy training, examination and certification in accordance with IECEx 05 or your specific situation

How can we help you with Plant & Process Safety Assessments?

We support you with tailored solutions in plant and process safety through, among others, auditing and reporting, risk assessments and hazardous area classifications, systematic analyses, identifying ignition sources and carrying out simulations of dust and gas explosions in industrial installations.

If an explosion has occurred, we provide an expert opinion and practical guidance as well as technical assistance to ensure a safe and fast re-start of the affected installation. Let us guide you through the maze of plant and process safety. Continue reading on more specific pages about Plant & Process Safety Assessments services in case you are looking for more (technical) details or reach out to one of our experts for more information.

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