Periodic Mandatory Inspections

vehicle on the road

In a car, in a truck, or on a motorcycle, everyone wants to be safe on the road without putting anyone at risk. The purpose of vehicle inspection is to ensure that despite the fact that a vehicle wears down with mileage and age, it always meets the standards required by regulations, and is reliable and safe.

This inspection can be required at various times: when it is required periodically, local legislation imposes interval time limit (typical time limits are every two years or every year), and the content of the inspection.

During an inspection, DEKRA inspects the efficiency of safety elements such as the frame, the steering system, brakes, shock absorbers, visibility, headlights, and electronic systems that assist the driver (EBS, ESP, ADAS, etc.).

We carry out these inspections for all types of vehicles driving on the road, such as cars, motorcycles, caravans, motorhomes, mopeds, classis cars, and motorized tricycles, depending on local legislation.

DEKRA provides accurate and professional solutions in vehicle inspection. This results from our 90 years of experience in vehicle inspection and our international presence in 18 countries.

As the worldwide leader in vehicle inspection, DEKRA is fully committed to making our roads safer, and preventing accidents, injuries, and fatalities.

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