Pedelec batteries: Extreme heat shortens battery life

DEKRA Info July / August 2018

Pedelec batteries

DEKRA experts remind readers that prolonged extreme heat has an unfavorable effect on the life of Pedelec batteries. Anybody keeping the battery in the car on journeys for example, should make sure that the battery is not exposed to extreme temperatures or direct sunlight when parking the car. “If there is no alternative to storage in a hot car, the battery can be wrapped in a blanket or protected from the extremes of heat by being stored at the bottom of the trunk,” says Andreas Richter at DEKRA Center for Electromobility. Also on trips to the swimming pool it is recommended not to park the pedelec in the hottest location exposed to the blazing sun, but preferably in a shady, airy spot. “Heat means stress for the battery cells,” says the expert. This is why a heated battery should also be left to cool down before being recharged.


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