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Online Monitoring and Remote Inspections

Supporting our customers through the safety impact of COVID-19

As the world is struggling to implement changes and new demands that have been impacted due to COVID-19, we are supporting our customers through these challenges and offer latest technological and innovation solutions to reduce the level of disruption and help you maintain as well as restart your operations.

Digital Solutions

The journey to agility starts now

You are probably facing the urgency and complexity of the business continuity and/or reopening by surpassing uncertainty. DEKRA’s customers are dealing with these issues via tailor made solutions, based on a combination of remote inspection solutions, digital solutions, new technologies and risk-based assessments without compromising regulations or the safety of their employees and operations. DEKRA’s solutions enables to optimize efficiency, manage the lifetime of assets, increases operational reliability and reduce downtimes. As a global safety partner, DEKRA is always available to support with technical solutions and advisory to answer any specific technical issues.

Remote Inspection Solutions

DEKRA offers remote inspection solutions, which are safe and enhancing our regular inspection services it can be used to adapt to the pandemic crisis with putting safety first. Besides the support of our Expert Hotline, we have been innovative by searching for new offerings to our customers. With DEKRA i2i, we can carry out the inspections in a safe, remoted, flexible and responsive way in order to help you maintaining business continuity and/or restart activity under sensitive circumstances.

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Online Monitoring Systems

DEKRA’s online monitoring systems can monitor the behavior of your structures and assets or the pollution related KPIs in the environment and at the workplace. We use, for example non-destructive testing methods to inspect, detect faults and anticipate risks or problems on your structures and equipment by monitoring for deformation, movement, and vibration. These systems enables you increasing the availability and reduce costs of the assets and equipment due to an adapted predictive maintenance. This condition monitoring can be used on assets such as lifts, indoor cranes, pipes and pressurized equipment (wall thickness and corrosion monitoring) as well as for environmental and workplace related pollution measurements.

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Technical Advisory

With over 95 years of experience, DEKRA understands how to manage risk for people, systems and processes. We help you meet safety regulations and understand how crucial safety and environmental management is to avoid accidents and improve efficiency, especially within the new crises. Our experts are here to advise you on how to restart and take care of the safety for your employees and facilities.

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  • Remotely monitors all equipment concerning plant safety
  • Ensures workplace and workers safety
  • Enhances safety equipment efficiency
  • Customized solution adapted to your assets and the existing data
  • Manage your assets online or remotely

Expert Support

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